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Getting the right start to the VCE is crucial. Being informed, organised and confident gives students the necessary skills and attitude to make a smart start to their VCE.

VCE help offers a range of seminars for students in Years 9-12, VCE teachers and parents. Our seminars cover a range of topics to suit the diverse student needs including motivation, study and life skills as well as health and wellness to provide a holistic approach to each students personal growth and development which we have been running since 2002.

Read the testimonials and success stories from our previous VCE seminar programs.

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Our most popular sessions are:

1. The 7 Deadly Mistakes Students Make And How To Avoid Them (1 hour)

This is our “all in one” presentation that takes into consideration goal setting and achievement, nutrition and health, revision strategies, memorable note making, study planning and preparation, exam technique and finally strategies for seeking help.

Students will find this session both motivational and engaging which is why it is fast becoming one of our most popular 1 hour presentations.

2. Roadmap to VCE Success Seminar (3 hours)

This is one of our most popular seminars which is perfect for a retreat or camp situation. It encompasses the following seminar areas:

  • How to achieve any goal by finding your motivational triggers

  • How to master the science of managing your time and the crucial steps to avoid procrastination

  • How to tailor your study habits to your unique learning style for enjoyable and effective learning.

  • How to ensure you have energy for VCE success through quality nutrition, health and wellness strategies

3. Learning How to Learn (1 hour)

Students will:

Be challenged about their beliefs on “intelligence” and their capacity for learning leaving students empowered about 21st century learning.
Complete a learning styles survey and identify their own unique learning styles and study preferences.
Identify their preferred study strategies for their own individual learning style to rapidly increase the study effectiveness and conceptual understanding.

Read the testimonials from our previous VCE seminar programs.

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Our other seminar sessions:

You can also select from our range of sessions below to tailor a seminar experience for your students, staff and parents.

SAC and exam preparation (1 hour)

Students will…

  • Learn why up to 30% of the mistakes in their exams are avoidable.

  • Learn how to analyse exam questions and other essential exam skills

  • Use the blueprint for SAC preparation – and follow each step to ensure they are fully prepared for every assessment task

  • Use the 10 step exam blueprint – which shows students the essential step by step outline of what they need to do and when to maximise exam performance.

  • Learn the most common exam mistakes and how to avoid them.

(NB: many schools add this session to the Roadmap To VCE Success Program to make it the comprehensive all-in-one seminar for students).

Time mastery – how to be balanced and productive in the VCE (1 hour)

Students will…

  • Research their own priorities and make steps to plan out their commitments

  • Identify their habitual patterns of procrastination and 7 strategies to help “pulverise procrastination” and make more efficient use of time.

  • Identify how to effectively balance and prioritise commitments to lead a more balanced VCE and achieve their personal best.

  • Learn 13 tips and strategies to become more efficient with their time and maximize their efforts during school, after school and on weekends.

Note-making or note-taking – how to summarise, organise and remember your notes (1 hour)

Students will…

  • Learn why most student notes are ineffective and will not result in them remembering their class notes.

  • Master the critical steps of note-making so that notes will be memorable.

  • Evaluate the 7 best techniques to make quality notes – what are the pros and cons for each type of student and which type of technique is suited to which learning style.

  • Create a learning map of a topic – and show their representation visually to enhance their recall.

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VCE Goals, Inspiration and Motivation (1 hour)

Students will…

  • Learn why 95% of people who set a New Years Resolution fail to achieve it.

  • Learn why the “why to” is far more important than the “how to” when it comes to setting their goals.

  • Learn the science of motivation and the step by step program to achieve any goal.

  • Master a life-long skill that can not only boost grades marks but increase health, happiness and success!

Generation Y parenting and the 5 ingredients for VCE success (1 hour)

This is a great session for first time parents of VCE students. Informative and entertaining it provides practical strategies and guidelines for parents and Generation Y students as they step into their VCE.

Many schools prefer to add this session to their VCE parent information evenings early in the school year.

Finishing Strong In The VCE (1 hour)

For many students, Term 3 in Year 12 is where they lose focus, and motivation to succeed so consequently give up on their VCE. We as teachers can arm students with all the strategies, skills and knowledge but unless they are driven to succeed our hard work is often for naught.

In this session our presenters will inspire your students with their life lessons and achievements mixed with good humour and practical strategies to help your students finish strong in their VCE.

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