How would you like to become a guest author or share resources on the VCE help website? I often get emails asking if we accept guest posts here at VCE help. Yes we do accept guest posts and are always on the look out for high quality articles and resources that help even more VCE students, parents and teachers alike.

Any content relating to VCE students, the VCE curriculum and VCE teachers is good content for a guest post or VCE resource. Your notes and resources should adhere to the following guidelines:

The content should have accurate, up to date and informative content relating to the current VCE curriculum as published by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority
must not infringe on any persons or organisations copyright, trademark or intellectual property
You can submit your notes by using the webform below - please ensure that you add a bio so we can give you the credit you deserve.

Of course if you have any questions simply contact us. Looking forward to seeing you make the VCE help community your own.

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