Your 2008 VCE results


Today is VCE results day - congratulations to the graduating vce class of 2008. Woo Hoo!

Having just scoured through the papers and reading about the results today I am uplifted and encouraged by what I have read in the papers.

Much of the pressure we face in society is heightened and accentuated by what is portrayed in the media. The media has the ability to create a hero or role model and the ability to literally destroy someone's privacy and life. So it was relief and excitement that many of the articles I have read today have focussed on what your score means and what the future can hold for you. As opposed to what you will miss out on if you don't get your ENTER score.

One recurring theme which was common in both The Age and the Herald-Sun was that of "It's not the end of the world" regardless of what your ENTER score is. Thankfully their reporting reflects the fact that many students have reached their goals but for those that didn' is still going to be OK.

"There are ways...and then there are ways!" as my Dad always used to say (and still does!)

I hope you noticed that I deliberately didn't say "reached their ENTER-score" .

Each and every person had a goal in mind as they started the year. For a few it was to pass Year 12. For some it was to get an ENTER score between 45 and 55. For others it was to get an ENTER score of 98.50 . At the end of the day if you have achieved your goals - fantastic!. If not...don't stress.

There are heaps of different choices that you can make from here. A fair challenge I know but I'd rather many options than none at all!

Here are some ideas for what to do in 2009 and beyond...

Part time work
A year off to travel - take a gap year.
Complete work experience in your desired area / field and then re-apply for positions.
Go to Tafe instead of Uni.
Go to Uni instead of Tafe.
Hunt down an apprenticeship.
Talk to your careers counsellor from school.
Change your preferences to suit your new results.
If you find that you are saying "but I don't know what I want to do?" that's OK too as long as you do something about it. You see, finding what you like and don't like is simply a matter of experience. Remember back when you did work experience probably in Year 9 or 10? Chances are you had an experience where you either thought that you could see yourself working in that industry or the complete were completely put off from working in that industry/occupation.

But sitting on your backside you won't know the difference unless you're willing to investigate.

What to do after you receive your 2008 VCE results?

1. Check your preferences do they still suit your results and if are you still happy with them?

2. Check the list of cancelled courses by logging on to VTAC courselink or check the newspapers.

3. Check that YOUR courses are not on this list.

4. Check the "clearly in" and "Fringe" ENTER scores to see if you are in the ball park for the score provided.

5. Confirm that you have met all the requirements for your courses including pre-requisites.

6. Check that any extra requirements have been met.

What should you do if you want to change your preferences?

1. Talk to parents, careers teacher or VCE coordinator, friends and tertiary students of the courses you are interested in. Why you ask? Because they will usually give you some honest feedback and support about your upcoming decisions.

2. Attend one of the universities change of preference sessions - again advertised heavily in papers or on university/TAFE websites. To find out the contact details of tertiary providers check out our University Open Days blog post.

3. Remember that you have one week from NOW to sort out change of preferences. So don't delay. Log onto VTAC MyInfo armed with your student number, PIN, and preferences. Good luck.

On one final note about your VCE results.

Students are so much more than an ENTER score which incorrectly assumes an individuals intelligence yet this is typically how society portrays students VCE success (and incidentally the success of the school!).

An ENTER score is just a ranking of how you compare with other students in the state. It does not state in black and white how intelligent you are, your capabilities or your success in life.

I once read a student letter that was sent to a newspaper following the ENTER results last year which made my heart soar with pride and I had never even met this person.The letter spoke about a student who had a great passion for contributing to her school and the community. She gave of her time and energies to tutoring less privileged students, participated in charity work and was on school committees to help the student body.

This was in addition to completing her VCE. When she finished she was going to travel and work in a mission for the underprivileged. Was this effort recognised academically in her ENTER score? No.

Could her efforts have affected her ENTER score? Possibly...i don't know.

Is this woman less smart or less successful than any other student in the VCE? Hardly!

Yet she is a shining example of how the VCE years can be used to develop ones skills that can help you grow to your maximum potential.

Take a moment to recognise how you and your friends have grown as a person from completing your VCE! Smile

This year has been a powerful step forward for your learning but recognise that it is only one step and not the final step in your learning.

What have you learnt about yourself this year?

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