Year Of The Blood Donor

As it is Good Friday and most of us are enjoying a couple of days off with the family but it is also a time to be reminded of our responsibilities both socially and morally. Today obviously is the day for the Good Friday appeal and a very important fundraising effort but I also wanted to remind you about something we know we all should do but very few actually blood.

Few people actually do give blood, probably because they don't really know what to expect when giving blood. Many students think they aren't eligible but they are. There are a few obvious things that need to be done, such as parental permission but the answers to all the frequently asked questions on donating blood are here or you can call 13 14 95.

This year, in celebrating of "the year of the blood donor" the Australian Government is running the National Young Bloods Radio Competition. This special year aims to raise awareness of the ongoing need for blood. You can enter the Young Bloods National Radio Competition to educate and inspire younger people to become regular blood donors.

Get behind this great cause and support giving blood because we will all need a blood transfusion at some stage in our life and just one transfusion can help save the lives of 3 people. Hope to meet you there and have a cuppa and a biscuit afterwards.



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