Winter Olympic Inspirations

I love sport. Not only as a participant but as a spectator. I have played sport at a reasonably competitive level and in doing so it has taught me a large number of lessons about life.

In watching sections of the 2010 Winter Olympics I have been reminded about these lessons and I have again drawn inspiration from not only the successful athletes but those that have achieved their best despite serious adverse conditions. (If you've ever watched the movie "Cool Runnings" you'll know what I mean).

I wanted to congratulate all our Olympians who have been participated at these Winter Olympics, and of the past. There are several YouTube videos here for you to watch and draw inspiration from. If you listen carefully the athletes will talk about visualisation, goal achievement, their set-backs, the hard work...and then their success.

A "failure" is simply another signpost on the way to achieving success. I hope you enjoy the videos as much as I did.

Just keep at it...keep pursuing those goals.


Torah Bright Documentary - Chasing the White Wave

One of snowboarding's most talented female riders, Torah Bright sits down and dishes about her hopes, dreams and her worst snowboarding injury.

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