Who Is On Your Support Team?

By now you are half way through the september school holidays - I hope the holidays are going well for you and you are on track. If not, check out the september school holiday conundrum article

Now before you go back to school in less than a week, I want you to stop and think for a moment.

Just imagine that you had no family support.

....Or no friends.

Not one person to talk to, or lean upon, or confide in.

Can you imagine how long you would live for?

We cannot do what we set out to do without help from other people. As dr. John maxwell said 'if you achieve your goal without the help of other people it's too small.' the vce is one such goal where you need the support of so many people, including your family, friends and teachers.

Your parents and friends will be supportive of you for the remainder of the school year before and during exams, but perhaps not in the way that you need. Mum and dad might be 'reminding' you about your homework or exam revision. They think they are being supportive and constructive but you think they are nagging you. Has this happened to you?

It's so important that you understand this principle of success...

The people that you have around you will determine your level of success or failure in life.

(I want you to stop and re-read the above sentence twice...Slowly to get the point).

....And if you haven't set up your support team to help you out when you most need them (for these last few weeks of yourvce) then you could be headed for big trouble.

Having a strong and committed support team around you as you head towards your exams will be:

  1. A powerful way to fast-track your vce results.

  2. A periodic way to get you out of doing the dishes and other chores around the home. Smile

  3. Plus...If used correctly will increase the effectiveness of your study and preparation.

Synergy is the process of win-win teamwork where together the outcome is far greater than what could have been achieved alone. I have included this information because I believe that it will be one of your best tools to fast-track with the outcome you desire.

When you are part of a winning team each member-

1. Gives and receives support which motivates each other.

2. Challenges each other to continue taking action, even the stepping stones.

3. Complements and helps each other in areas of weakness.

4. Motivates and reminds each other to do their best according to the goals.

5. Utilises different methods of learning which could help each other learn and remember information.

My team-mates give me the inspiration to dream, the strength to try and the support to fall.

I have been fortunate enough to coach many sporting teams and be a mentor for individuals personal growth over the past 10-15 years and the information below is a consistent finding from all my experiences.

5 team traits that will take you to the top!

1. The people closest to you will determine your level of success or failure.

Choose people that are supportive, have like-minded goals and are willing to work. Be honest with yourself if your closest friends do not match this principle.

2. Select team-mates with whom you have a good relationship with and trust.

You and I both know that when we have a good relationship with a person we often open up and share our weaknesses and experiences. You will need to trust each other in this relationship so you can work on your weaknesses without feeling inadequate.

3. Find people with whom you can work with without getting distracted and procrastinate.

I remember working on a year 10 communication project with my best friend grant and going around to his house in the holidays to complete the work.

Needless to say we spent lots of time racing billy-carts, watching videos and playing computer games- we had a blast but not a lot of work was completed that day and the project was eventually rushed. If you are going to work with a close friend make a commitment at the beginning of your session on the outcome and method of achieving it...And a form of punishment if you don't. See the goal achievement section of the website for more info.

4. You must be willing to share your goals with your team, support other team members and allow yourself to be encouraged by other people.

Sharing your goals with other people increases your leverage of getting things done. A lever is a tool that is used to lift or shift something of great mass. When united by a common cause and common work you have increased the ability to make things happen.

Additionally it makes you accountable for your performance, particularly if other group members are relying upon you to contribute information to the group.

5. Work with experienced people or role models. Why re-invent the wheel?

Experience is the toughest teacher where the test comes before the lesson.

If you can find someone that already is receiving the results you wish for simply model their behaviour, their actions, their decisions and the results will take care of themselves. Most people are only too eager to offer advice about how they completed a task or how they did it. In this instance your teachers & tutor are your best option.

List a group of people with whom you will approach to work with in your support team. These people can include school friends, brother/sister, parents, neighbours, coach, teacher or tutor etc.

With each team-member outline the role & your expectations of them and each other. For example- each member will share their class notes & topic summaries. These notes will be comprehensive and detailed.

Confirm with your team-mate and write a mini-contract confirming the agreement.

For example;

The people that I will approach to be in my support team are: (name) & (describe why they will be of benefit to you)

Eg. Dad will support me in my goals and provide some financial assistance ($ 50 / fortnight) for the remainder of the school year until I can earn more through holiday shifts. In return I agree to have english tutoring weekly until my end of year exam.

Get the contracts out in writing...And sign them with your support teams...And reap the rewards.

Remember, in order for you to achieve the goals you really want you will need to rely upon the people around you to help you achieve them. Who is in your support team?

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