Where to go when you need help.

Schools broken up (or just about to) and whilst it can be a time of great excitement for many, it can also be a time of great anxiety and stress. Most schools have counsellors that you can still talk to but sometimes students needs additional support services that are outside of the school environment.

The following support services are free and confidential (plus if you call from a landline they don't appear on a phone bill).

Kids Help Line or call 1800 55 1800

Lifeline (counselling) or call 13 11 14

Suicide Helpline or call 1300 651 251

Griefline (counselling) 9596 7799

DirectLine (drug & alcohol) 1800 888 236

Family Drug Help (& alcohol) 1300 660 068

and for families & friends

Centres against Sexual Assault (CASA) or call 1800 806 292

Quitline (smoking) or call 13 78 48

Please also remember that your GP/family doctor is also a good person to talk to. If possible take your medicare card number with you.

Look after yourself and your mates.

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