What is a working school holiday?

All holidays during the VCE school year should be 'working holidays'. There I said it! (Ouch!)

Realistically the VCE school curriculum cannot be

1. Learnt 2. Remembered 3. Reviewed 4. Prepared for 5. Summarised

...during just the school term only.

(You probably have been given *holiday* homework by most if not all of your teachers which is enough proof that this is true)

If you work consistently throughout the year you will achieve greater marks during the VCE/IB exams and still stay sane during this intense year. have to believe me. Why?

Because I have been there!

Some of the steps that you MUST take these holidays is...

1. Get a study planner...and use it.

2. Complete your *rough draft* summary notes for all subjects across all topics.

3. Work up to but NO MORE than a normal school 8.30-3.30 each day with lunch in the middle (It may even be easier just to work on the classes for which you are normally timetabled at that time).

4. Have nights off and the weekends off for paid work, rest & play. (Woohoo!)

5. Be flexible in your approach...if you want to go shopping with the girls during an afternoon for a couple of hours good! will need to spend that missed time on study later on in the evening. Deal or no deal?

Remember that you are literally competing against everyone in the state of Victoria.

There are some people who will follow this recipe for success to a T and see the great rewards later on in the year ...and there are others who choose not to.

Which category are you in?

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