Vce Vis Com Websites

Here are a number of vce vcd websites that will help you this year.

This page takes you to the vcaa site for vis com. It will have the assessment guide, links to past exams, exam criteria, assessor reports, articles and other useful items. This should be your first point of reference for all information relating to this subject.

This link takes you through to the season of excellence main page at the vcaa. Includes links to previous years work, application forms for this year, and links to top arts, top designs and much more. Worth the look.

A great site for vce vcd, studio arts and art. Links to more galleries, worksheets, glossaries and more. Very useful.

For any of you who struggle with the technical drawing in vcd not to worry!!! This site helps to develop the technical skills needed to succeed in the subject. It has step by step examples of how to perform each of the technical drawing techniques required by the vcaa. Highly recommended.

Visual communication and design requires you to have a high understanding of professional practice… this site gives a real life example on how a concept design is developed into a chosen solution by a team of designers following the design process. This is must know info so I suggest you take a squiz.

For anybody interested in vehicle design in vcd, or just crazy concept sketches then this is the site to look at. Rendering techniques and drawing skills are on display as well as computer aide designs (cads) for your eyes to feast upon.

By the end of the year, the design process in vcd must become second nature. This site has a detailed description on each stage of the design process. A must know for all students.

Another key part of your vce vis com assessment will be how well you call on the design elements and principles. This site guides you through these with pictorial examples and a detailed analysis on what each element and principle serves to purpose.

Other websites which I found somewhere are:

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