Vce Time Management Tip - Master Your A, B, C, D, E 's

This time mastery tip has been modified from the best selling book "7 habits of highly effective people" a must-read book for anyone serious about taking time mastery and indeed their life to a whole new level.

In this book, author steven covey, suggests using an a,b,c method to organizing and prioritising your daily tasks. I go one...Er...Two better here with my time mastery system.

A = must do task.

This task must be completed today. No if's, and's or but's. An example of this would be to prepare for a test tommorrow- an urgent task that requires immediate attention. Another example could be to phone a friend to wish them "Happy birthday"...You can't forget or they'll be mad at you forever.

B = should do task. This task should be completed today. If it isn't it's ok...But it really should be done today. Often these tasks are early a tasks. B tasks are things like exam summaries that really should be done but may not need to be done until next week or a couple of days away. B tasks are more important, rather than urgent, tasks.

C = could do tasks.

These tasks could be done or not. For example...Wash the dishes. They are really low priority tasks that may get done...If at all. I once had to buy a pair of new runners which was a c task...This was left as a c task for about 8 weeks until I was able to do it in the holidays. Most procrastinators start with c tasks first, then b's then a's. Now you know the priorities...Go get'em.

D = delegate the task.

This task could be done by you but would take up time...So if you are creative here you could possibly even delegate to someone as a favour for you. Note that the d word is delegate not dump. Don't dump that task on someone without their knowledge or you are likely to lose their friendship...Go for a win-win solution. This means that they can help you out on this favour and you help them out in return later down the track.

E = eliminate the task.

If it doesn't need to be done anymore...Eliminate it or if it is not important enough to you or is no longer a priority eliminate it ...Just get rid of it!

You will get more than 1 task to complete per day so organize it as a1, a2, a3, a4 etc.

This next challenge will test your resolve...And is the difference between the time master and the time apprentice.

Make sure you start at a1 then a2 etc until completed. If you have remaining time begin on b1 etc. Don't be tempted to try to go straight for the c task...Show a little discipline and go straight to the top with a1.

Use the abcde method of planning your day...Everyday...And don't forget to transfer items to new days if they haven't been completed that day.

Simple stuff eh! Remember that time mastery is all about mastering yourself...To maximise your vce potential.

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to succeed in the vce...You just need to apply the proven strategies found here in vcehelp.Com.Au



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