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vce student work As a current VCE teacher I know how pressed for time you are to find and deliver information in a way that is fresh, engaging and memorable. VCE help has constructed a number of resources for VCE schools including seminars and resources that are dynamic, educational, empowering and entertaining. This is precisely what Generation Y students are after...


Our resources are designed to make the VCE years easier by:

Increasing the energy and vitality of VCE students, parents and teachers to effectively deal with stress.
Enhance learning and studying capacities, to save time whilst studying.
Empower self-worth to achieve any goals.
Develop a range of other essential life skills needed for life beyond their VCE.
...and make it easier for VCE teachers to keep up to date with an ever evolving level of learning technologies.
Here's how we do it:
Updates via Facebook, Twitter and email for students, parents and teachers containing links to articles pertinent to teenage life and VCE tips to fast-track their VCE performance.
A whole host of articles and learning resources, subject specific content, health resources and life skills.
Specialist articles for parents and teachers on how to improve their relationship with VCE students and encourage higher responsibility and action with less fights and stress.
A wide variety of free vce resources and subject specific resources for use in school by VCE students, parents and teachers.
In school seminar programs for students, parents and teachers on a holistic approach to personal growth and success.
Would you like to become a contributor for the VCE help website in your specialist area? Got a question? Contact us for all enquiries, questions and suggestions. Testimonials from our pilot programs and seminars can be found here.

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