Vce Studio Arts - A Graduate's Tips

Having such a broad and free subject it was hard for me to stay on track as I would have to set my own agenda for the upcoming lessons and weeks. In studio arts, everything must be planned out so that you do not run out of time.

Do not be afraid if it takes you a month to decide on a theme for your folio, as research will only enhance your final outcome. The more research you do, the more detailed your books will be and this component of the course will be met with ease. Easy marks are gained from researching images and artists and sticking images of influences into your visual diaries. Your visual diaries do not have to be elaborately presented to achieve a good mark. As long as all the necessary things are included and the assessors can clearly see your thought process and development of ideas, you will achieve a worthy grade.

The practical component of the course is important but do not let it take place of other subjects, balance is the key. As long as you have some developmental work and a few final solutions to present at the conclusion of unit 3 and 4, the prac component will be competently met.

Have fun and experiment on different media, using different techniques because even if it doesn’t work out your annotations will explain your intentions and your marks will be higher as your folio is far more detailed and comprehensive.

Ensure that all your work is kept in a safe and secure place where the junior students cannot access them (I had the misfortune of finding one of my major paintings had a handprint in it after I left it on the drying rack the previous night).

When it comes time for the exam, make sure you have researched at least 3 artists of influence. It is crucial that these artists are well known and relevant to the course. I remember studying both pissaro and picasso as my major artists with a few in reserve in case I needed more. Also key content includes both the elements and principles, a must know area to achieve exam success – do not get them confused with each other!

I wish you all the best for the upcoming years work, good luck!

Naish chapman completed his vce in 2006. He is now studying industrial design at swinburne university, prahran and is also working as a qualified swim instructor.

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