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This page takes you to the VCAA site. It will have the assessment guide, links to past exams, exam criteria, assessor reports, articles and other useful items. This should be your first point of reference for all information relating to this subject.

Neuroscience for Kids

The Secret Life of the Brain This page contains a step by step guide to an eye –dissection & gives you an interesting look at the mechanics of the eye.

This link takes you back to past exams and the assessors guide. It is important to review past exams but check your assessment guide & the criteria to ensure the content is still relevant.

Links to host of images related to perception and illusions. Very cool. Eltham Colleges brilliant psychology websites – well organised according to topic.

An excellent guided tutorial for the brain and nervous system.

American Psychological Society

Australian Psychological Society (APS)

The Go Science site- smart sensor grid

Whole brain atlas

Mental Health Review Board of Vic

Mental Illness Fellowship Vic.

The Cunningham Dax Collection of Psychiatric Art

Mental Health Foundation of Australia (Victoria)

Introduction to quality-assured, regularly reviewed, health and wellbeing information and services at the Better Health website.

Australian Psychological Society (National Office) (Excellent source for Australian journals and other publications.)

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