VCE PE and learning from the Olympic Games

Watching and reading about the up and coming Olympic Games is a highly relevant and enjoyable way to apply your understanding to the VCE Physical Education coursework. Let's face facts though... it can also make for a great excuse to avoid study. Smile For some great tips on how to stop the Olympics from completing overrunning your VCE study and life in general check out these tips.

When watching or reading about the Olympics try to watch some of the lesser known sports (if they get coverage) and try to analyse what energy systems are being used and why? An emerging trend over the last few exams has been to ask questions on lesser known sports which forces students to not only carefully analyse the data that is presented but also apply their understanding of energy systems, components of fitness to this lesser known sport or activity.

Other things to observe when watching the Olympics is:

1. How have athletes been able to acclimitise for the conditions in London?

2. What recovery methods should athletes be using between events such as heats and finals, and over subsequent days?

3. What fitness components are most important for an athlete in your selected sport?

4. What nutrition and hydration practices would be employed by athletes in certain activities?

The wider you can extend and practice your application of your analysis skills the better your performance on sacs and and the end of year VCE PE exam. Got a question or comment - please write it below

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