VCE Mid Year Exam Front Covers

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Each year prior to the exam period the VCAA releases the front covers of their upcoming exams. According to the VCAA;

The following examination materials are provided to assist students who are preparing to sit VCE written examinations in June 2010.
The materials include the front cover, relevant instructions and multiple-choice answer sheet (where applicable) for each examination.

Teachers should ensure that students are aware of the correct method of completing all multiple-choice answer sheets, script books and answer books, and that they practise these procedures prior to the examination.

Students should note that the number of pages, questions and marks shown for the examination may differ slightly from the number indicated in the actual examination books given to students on the day of the examination.

All materials relevant to a particular study are provided in a single downloadable PDF document. Any enquiries about these materials should be directed to the VCE Examinations Unit on (03) 9225 2349.

The VCE mid year exam front covers can be downloaded from the VCAA here.
You can also find more information about the GAT, the multiple choice answer sheets used in the exams as well as the data books. Check it out.



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