VCE legal studies resources

Over the last few years I have managed to find some great VCE legal studies websites...

Check them out below:

This page takes you to the VCAA legal studies site. It will have the assessment guide, links to past exams, exam criteria, assessor reports, articles and other useful items. This should be your first point of reference for all information relating to this subject.

Comnet: Legal Studies pages & resources

A comprehensive page that has more quizzes, student help for the exams, sample exams, key terms, self-testing quizzes…the works!

Australian Industrial Relations Commission

Australian Legal Information Servers

The Australian Legal Information Institute

Law Runner Australia: Legal Resource Tool

An A-Z guide of the legal system - Legal Online. Browse by topic or search using the search function. A simple to navigate site with many useful links.

Law 4 u website. Very simple to navigate site – it takes out all the legal “jargon” and is easily understood.

Run by the National Children's and Youth Law Centre this site contains Lawstuff – know your rights – aimed at provided state by state legal rights for people under 18.

Australian law on the Internet – as searched by the National Library of Australia. As expected – highly comprehensive.

The purpose of this site is to be a reference for working lawyers and students in the field of criminal law in New South Wales, Australia, about recent cases in the areas of criminal law and evidence, and to assist in public discussion and education about important issues which have practical importance for many people.

This site serves as an Aussie Legal information and law firm referral service. Browse a broad range of legal topics and free legal information easily here.

If you know of any others I should add to this list please comment below.

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