VCE History Revolutions Resources

Below are a list of websites that you can use to help with your research on VCE History Revolutions. Enjoy...

History Revolutions

This is the History Teacher’s Association website providing a collection of links related to History Revolutions.

Scientific, Industrial and Political Revolution - A wide variety of document collection on American and French Revolutions.

Virtual Museum of the Chinese Revolution

Marxists Internet Archive – An extensive library collection on Marxism with content over 40 languages.

Liberty, Equality and Fraternity: Exploring the French Revolution - Learning French Revolution in an interactive method and it has lessons in different format.

The French Revolution and Napoleon - Excellent learning materials divided into lessons and worksheets.

Liberty!: The American Revolution - It is an online companion to the PBS series. It showcases abundant interactive information on the American Revolution, an online game challenging the Revolution knowledge would also be beneficial for students.

The Russian Revolution; It provides excellent information on Russian Revolution, Civil War, People , lessons and comments.

Russia 1917-1941. It offers well structured summaries about Russian Revolution.

Russia: 1860-1945. This site provides Russian Revolution into events and issues and categorises revolution into groups and individual.

Russian Revolution. It provides a wide range of external links about Russian history and Russian revolution.

Russian History from 1800-1917. This site presents Professor Michael B. Petrovich lecture excerpts about Russian history.

Internet Modern History Sourcebook: Russian Revolution. A modern history source book for Russian revolution.

French Revolution.This site provides VCE History Study Designs, assessment handbook as well as links to past exams and exam advice.

Timeline of the French Revolution - Wikipedia. Extensive details about French Revolution timeline with external links to main incidents, leaders and group.

This site provides important event information about French Revolution.

This site provides external links to American, French, Russian and Chinese revolution.

This site provides information on American History, culture, biographies, presidential information and revolution.

This site provides a cluster of essays and has a separate page for discussions on American Revolution; Moreover, it provides program notes on Liberty mini-series.

Timeline of United States revolutionary history - Wikipedia.Extensive details about the timeline of the French Revolution with external links to main incidents, leaders and group.

Internet Modern History Sourcebook: American Independence. It provides relevant documents related to the American Revolution.

This site contains early American history, primary source material, historical documents of revolution and colonial information.

Preparing for exams; The VCAA Study Design, The Assessment (Examination) Criteria, Past Exam Papers, Assessment

Resource index for materials relating to the study of Revolutions History in VCE. Includes curriculum guidelines, assessment advice, past exam papers, assessment handbooks, assessment reports, study designs and much - for teachers and students of revolutions. A subscription based resource which has collection of articles, lectures and podcasts related to revolutions.

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