VCE further maths - a graduates perspective. By Naish Chapman

As with any subject in year 12, if you do the work then you will have no reason to underachieve when the final results are posted. In VCE further math’s, I found that the only way to achieve the best results possible was to just get through the work chapter by chapter, question by question. Each topic will present its’ own challenges and it is critical that you ask your teacher to explain anything that you may be unsure of, as I can guarantee the things you don’t know will definitely be on the exam!!!

Throughout the year I would highly recommend that you write out in your own terms the concepts learnt so that the process of note taking becomes a revision technique, as the brain must put the information into simpler terms and definitions. Each person's notes book should be individual and unique as everyone learns differently. Ensure that your notes book is in a fairly good condition, is well-maintained and neatly written for easy referral come exam time.

No matter how easy it may seem to get distracted and fool around in class you must remain focused to give yourself the best chance possible of achieving your goals for the subject. Once you have finished all of the set work for the class, you may choose to relax but again a much better use of your time would be to revise any new content or anything that you are still unsure of so that when exam time comes around, your study and revision is lessened as your brain has all the necessary info in there, it is just a matter of getting it to the forefront of the mind.

From personal experience, distractions are plenty in a VCE further math’s class, as everyone is of varying levels, each person will struggle from time to time and it is in your best interests to assist those in your class and work through in a collaborative process any confronting or difficult concept. I failed to study correctly for the end of year exam and my result reflected this mistake big time. I must stress the importance of knowing how to answer the multiple choice questions (as this is where I lost the most of my marks) – multiple choice should be worked out in a process of elimination before settling on an answer to circle. Normally the answers are structured in such a way as to trick the students into answering only half the question. Although answers are similar, there is always only one that is correct, the rest are there to fool unsuspecting students.

Another point, and this will be my last but most important, is to make sure that you do not fall behind as you will be putting your future in jeopardy and playing catch-up the rest of the year. In year 12, there really is no time to make up lost time so if the work is done then there will be no extra problems, but if not then I can only hope that it does not seriously jeopardize your other subjects.

Naish Chapman completed his VCE in 2006. He is now studying industrial design at Swinburne University, Prahran and is also working as a qualified swim instructor. He is also a semi-professional triathlete.

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