VCE exam assessor reports 2009

Hi all

I know many of you are starting to get prepared for the upcoming VCE exams. Well done for being proactive in your approach to get on top of your study!

One of the most important ways to help your vce exam preparation along is to learn from the insights of teachers with vce exam assessing experience. That can be from a variety of sources including your current teachers, attending vce exam revision programs or even reading the Chief assessor reports from past VCE exams alongside the respective past VCAA exam paper.

Learning from past vce exams and these reports gives you an insight into the style of questions being asked, areas of difficulty on the exam, the format of the exam and the resources you can take into the exam. You certainly don't need to reinvent the wheel with your exam revision preparation and now that the vce exam countdown is on you need to start planning and preparing your exam revision plan.

Check out those reports today!

Stay tuned...more advice and resources are on the way!



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