VCE English text resources - 1984 George Orwell

George Orwell's 1984 is currently one of the VCE English texts for this year. I have found a series of websites that contain links and resources to help you learn and summarise the content.

Cliff Notes - 1984

Notes, tips and exam prep all from the convenience of your own home, a bit hard to negotiate but content is good.

An excellent website which contains summaries of the 1984 VCE text, a number of quizzes and the ability to write/answer forum posts on the text. A number of VCE students have already been using this site to answer and get help on their own essays.

Again, another great website which has links to the 1984 plot summary, the dystopian roots of 1984, thoughts on big brother, reality control and more. Also includes sample questions for study.

If you know of any others - please share by commenting below...

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