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These tips have been written courtesy of Olivia Anderson for VCE Chinese - thanks Olivia. If anyone else wants to share their tips and contribute, you too can do so by going here. Cheers, Heath.

I am in year 11 doing two year 12 subjects this year-Chinese and Methods CAS. I know you are wanting more contributions, so I just thought to send in a list of 10 really important things that year 11 Chinese Sl/SLA students need to prepare for year 12, and it probably counts over many LOTEs:

1. Learn 5 new characters a week. Get them from your texts, worksheets and any other materials available. It will save you about 15 minutes on the exams if you know how to write things properly, rather than looking them up in the dictionary.

2. Start learning and memorizing all the different essay structures and forms, eg. informative, persuasive, explanatory: essay, report, newspaper articles. Teachers should tell you these. This is really essential for year 12 so if you have it down-pat in year 11, you are at an advantage.

3. Practice. There are many Chinese podcasts on iTunes to practice listening, but also listen to international students in the hallways of school, or even get a language partner.

4. Practice writing essays/articles. In year 12 alone, the best students wrote more than 100 practice essays.

5. If you find it difficult at the start, keep going. When I started out, my essays had red marks through the entire things. Now, after about 40 essays, I usually only get 1 or 2 mistakes. It takes a long time, so be in it for the long haul.

6. Watch Chinese TV shows! It's a pretty fun way of practicing listening.

7. Start thinking about a topic for your detailed study- research a bit on CHina and some possible areas you may be interested in studying.

8. Eat some Chinese food. It helps to get your mind off study.

9. See if your parents will send you on an exchange program to China on your holidays or something- going to China makes the language actually mean something! Otherwise, you just seem to wonder why you have to learn it, and it gets too much.

10. Don't worry too much- just pace yourself and there will be plenty of time to do well!

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