VCE biology websites

As part of our ongoing research we are always finding new subject specific resources including those for VCE biology.

Below is a handful of some resources that may help, each with a small critique so you know what is at each website.

VCAA website - Biology

This page takes you to the VCAA site. It will have the assessment guide, links to past exams, exam criteria, assessor reports, articles and other useful items. This should be your first point of reference for all information relating to this subject.

Biology in Motion

A variety of topics are covered for senior secondary biology students to explore on this fun, innovative and interactive site. The author has successfully combined quizzes, animations, tutorials and simulation to engage the Biology student.

Genetic engineering and stem cell research website

This research unit for secondary science students involves them in the ethical debate over positive and negative aspects of studying genetic engineering. The research tasks are allied to de Bono's Six Hats of Thinking and include Stem cell research, Gene therapy and Cloning.

An online biology textbook

This site is an on-line biology text book. Reference pages include diagrams, pictures, simple text and an easy to navigate contents page. Relevant for a large number of topics in Units 1 – 4.

VCE Biology website with answers to most biology topics.

By far this is one of the best biology resources. Tutorials covering a range of topics, articles, a wiki, forum and other resources. Very useful and easy to use and navigate. PLUS: there is a biology dictionary for additional help with terminology.

DNA interactive

This site “DNA interactive” examines the human genome and gene manipulation. An excellent site but it may take a while to load.

Red Gold - circulatory system info

This site is relevant to Unit 2. It provides a highly visual documentary on blood; the history of investigating blood, blood transfusion, the circulatory system & more.

Know any other great VCE Biology sites? Let us know by sending a comment.

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