VCE advice from a parents perspective

Hi all,

Last year I was sent some tips and strategies from a parent of a VCE student (Anne B). Here they are below in no particular order...Thanks Anne!

1. Do as many VCE subjects as possible in Year 11 as you will have the time to focus on these individual subjects. Year 11 you are not getting a score so you can focus on the Year 12 subjects more.

2. Every extra little bit you can do towards your "SAC" will make a huge difference to your mark at the end.

3. If you are not connecting with your teacher as well as you would like, ask a friend from another school who is doing the same subject or find out what the other schools are doing in that subject and go over their notes also.

4. Do what you can as soon as you can.

5. Revision exams are so important. Do as many as you can. Get the timing right. Time yourself in writing english essays all the time.

6. Make the most of your frees.

7. In study vac do your school day. Go to school and work there if there are distractions at home.

8. Stay in the routine.

9. Don't see your class mates as competition work as team mates.

10. In the end it doesn't matter who gets what, you are just personally aiming for your best.

11. Keep consistent but not over the top. You need to have a life out of school work.

12. Decide the times you are going to be on Facebook or watch a programme you don't want to miss.

13. It is amazing how much time can be spent cruising.

14. Year 12 will shape you, as you will know you can handle any pressure that comes along in the future, handle deadlines for work and know that you did still manage to have fun.

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