Unit 3 VCE biology 2009 podcast - need questions

Hi all,

The next podcast interview for the VCE help radio program will be with leading biology teacher and fellow podcaster Andrew Douch, who produces some high quality biology podcasts for VCE students.

Later this week (the last week of term - woohoo) I will be recording the interview and as per usual...I need the help of all VCE biology students.

Usually I ask some generic questions about:

How to best prepare for the Unit 3 course and strategies for leading up to the exam
Top 3 concepts that students have difficult with and strategies to best learn them
But once again I need your help. If you have specific questions about the VCE biology course or content please write / comment below or (as a new initiative for 2009) we will also accept voicemail questions which can be left by calling 00111 206 984 9736 ( Calls cost usually 50-80 cents from mobile or landline). Please leave your name below as well so I can give you the credit you deserve.

After the interview I will edit the audio content and upload to the website ready for the VCE help community. The more questions we can ask, the more quality information we can help you out with.



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