Top Arts Vce 2009

Top arts vce 2009 is a major event that brings together the outstanding work from vce graduates who completed art and studio arts in the vce.

According to the ngav:

Top arts vce 2009 is a collaborative project between the national gallery of victoria, the department of education & training, the victorian curriculum and assessment authority, the catholic education office, and the association of independent schools of victoria. Once again this year’s major sponsor goldman sachs jb were will be providing the popular “people’s choice award”.
Top arts vce 2009 is a major component of the vce season of excellence 2010, a festival celebrating work completed by vce students in technology, design, multimedia and the cinematic, visual and performing arts.

Top arts vce 2009 investigates themes, ideas and issues through a diversity of artforms including drawing, printmaking, photography, painting, textiles, and screen based works. You can check out the exhibition at the national gallery of victoria- fed square. Entry is free and the exhibition runs until june 20. Check it out: http://www.Ngv.Vic.Gov.Au/toparts/index.Html

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