The secret to getting things done

There is one universal element that all people have to master in their life - and that is time.

Time is the great equaliser. We each have 168 hours per week with which to use our time and some people are able to achieve an extraordinary amount in that time, others not so much. Given that we all have this finite resource doesn't it make sense to try and figure out the best way to utilise your time? I have written many articles surrounding time mastery including the 8 principles of time principles and balancing priorities in the VCE and I'm passionate about finding strategies that help me to balance work, family, friends, business and health/fitness. It's never easy but it is so important for you to figure this out and constantly strive to find the right balance to incorporate the most important things into your life.

This is a major skill that all people need to acquire, and the sooner you as VCE students can develop these skills, the better your VCE results will be - period.

Sometimes the simplest strategies are the best - and here is one that I have utilising for awhile now.

Review your priorities/goals
Organise tasks according to goals and their importance/urgency
Allocate time to complete tasks
Using a timer - take action on the single task at hand (and focus on that task until you complete it!)
Repeat for your entire list.
This is the perfect solution for you if you regularly find yourself looking back at at your life wondering what in the world happened to all your time, and why you have very few results to show for it.

Don't be quick to fob off the simplicity of the solution because there are a number of key elements which make this system work so well.

These are:

An end result - a goal for the end of the day (or the end of the study session)
A specific timeline and deadline to achieve that task
Believability about what is possible to achieve within the given timeframe
Here's how to make the system even better!

The system outlined above is very powerful and it works. I am quite a visual person and I like to be able to see not only the big picture (the overall plan) but also how the smaller pieces work together to get me to that point.

The solution that I use on a daily basis to help empower my time management is the Action Machine. It is designed to motivate you to take more action, the interface helps you get absolutely clear about your day, allowing you to easily visualize your time and accomplishments at-a-glance.

Check out the video of how I use the Action Machine below:

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