Stress Time Management

What is Stress Time Management?

Working under strict guidelines can be a huge stress on anybody. Running around and trying to juggle everything from your home life to your work life only enhances to the stress. It comes to a point where you are living in permanent ‘reaction mode’ – just when you think that you have enough on your plate, something else pops up and you have to respond to that as well. During the high school years you can expect for this to increase in magnitude as increasing independence, freedom and responsibilities are lumped on to your shoulders.

If you start to feel that you have no time for yourself, and even worst, you have no time for your family or friends a course in stress time management can help.

Everyone is able to take the stress out of their life, including you. You can set yourself a goal plan or schedule that makes things run more smoothly. Chances are if you are unable to get everything done each day and you are starting to stress about your overall workload, you are over-scheduling your day. You have to meet the tough demands you are setting on yourself and that is tough. Stress time management can help you to alleviate the stress. You can free up some of that time tied up. Taking some of the stress away is crucial to your emotional well-being, happiness and goal achievement.


If you do not know how to manage your time, that is a serious problem. Start by assessing your priorities and committing to completing the top priority assessments everyday. If the source of stress is not school related, then you might want to set aside extra time each day to deal with the stressful situation in your life.

In short, use the principles of stress time management to help you handle your time better. Stress time management is not just a buzz word – it will save you from unnecessary headaches and health problems, but only if you recognize that you have a problem and work towards solving it.

Cut Back

If you have too much work on your plate, it’s time to cut back. Deadlines will always need to be met, but you have limited resources and taking on more than you can handle will impact you negatively.

Remember, you can’t control the amount of time in a day but you can control your behaviour in this time. If you learn to control your behaviour you can take more stress away than you previously thought possible.

Use time management techniques

This will help you to reduce the clutter in your study or homework schedule so you can use your stress time management skills to reduce stress in your everyday life.

Be realistic

Be realistic with yourself. Don’t put everything on the backburner you needed to have today. Just know you need to take the time out for yourself and the things that mean a lot to you.



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