Simply Inspirational Kurt

Kurt Fearnley is an inspiration. Someone you can look at, learn from and draw strength from. To walk Kokoda requires peak physical conditioning, mental strength and a fundamental desire to take your life to the edge.

Yet for Kurt, walking Kokoda was never an option. You see Kurt was born with spina bifida - a condition which causes damage to the spine and spinal cord. Kurt couldn't walk Kokoda so he decided to crawl Kokoda. Yes, you heard me correctly. Crawl!

Kurt's a person who has never let his disability get in the way of him living his life. In fact, he lives much more of his life than most people I know. He is a world champion athlete, a fundraising legend (he was raising money to support Movember and raise awareness of mens health issues), a flaming human spirit and best of all a down to earth character.

There are inspirational people and acts around us every single day. We can all learn a lot from people like Kurt and draw inspiration from his courage and actions. Excuses are the signposts of failure. So make no excuses, we are all capable of extraordinary things but few choose so.

Take a few minutes to watch these 2 videos about Kurt which aired last Sunday night on TV and let me know your comments below.

By the way - you can learn more about Kurt here as well.



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