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Hi all,

Congratulations to all the VCE English students who have finished that monstrous 3 hours English exam. It's a huge effort (and I'm sure a huge relief too!) as you shift focus to your other subjects in the next few weeks.

As I'm sure you can appreciate this website provides a lot of resources for VCE English and other subjects and perhaps if we have helped you out in some way shape or form, can we ask you a small favour?

With the VCE English exam still fresh in your mind (I know some of you don't want to even go there!) it's a good opportunity for you to share your thoughts/experiences and perhaps your notes, practice essays etc for next years VCE English students.

For example; What strategies worked for you? What did you find helpful or not? What was it like sitting a 3 hour exam? etc

In the past some students have emailed through their essays, summary notes and the like (such as former VCE English student, Emma Roache). If you would like to contribute some VCE English material please see our guest contributor guidelines for more information or simply unleash your VCE English knowledge on the VCE help community below. Smile

Good luck for the rest of your VCE exams...will be in touch soon with more info.



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