Romulus, My Father by Raimond Gaita study notes

Raimond Gaita's Romulus-My Father is one of the VCE English texts for this year. I have listed some websites that contain resources to help you learn and summarize about the content of Romulus, My Father.

Study Boost- Romulus, My Father: A study boost article that describes the goodness of Romulus in his essential honesty and compassion.

An interesting website which contains summary of Romulus My Father, a study guide with outcome and exam-style essays that help student prepare for essay writing.

Here is a good website that contains assimilation to Australian Culture in the Eyes on Raimond Gaita. This is an article which will help student understand and learn about the assimilation to Australian culture.

Another website which has link to the influence of the Landscape and Sensibility on the Writing of Romulus, My Father

This website contains the Biographical information about Raimond Gaita.

Again, another great website which has the information about the Author of Romulus My Father

If anyone comes across any other helpful resources, please share by commenting below...

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