Ready for term 3?

A wave of disbelief is sweeping over the entire Victoria state - where did the 2 week holiday break go? The last couple of weeks have flown past and I hope that you have been able to get what you needed done and are prepared for what is the most challenging term of all - term 3.

This is the term that really sets you up for the end of year exams - some might say it is the premiership quarter of terms! Why? Because it is pivotal to set you up for a strong finish to the school year. Hopefully you have been able to stay on the ball these holidays and get most of your holiday homework completed...if not you will need to work double time to catch up within the first few weeks of this term. If you did fall behind make sure you catch up NOW. I have seen far too many students give up on their VCE as soon as 4 weeks into the term because they feel that they are too far behind to catch up.

Good luck for the term but I really wish you the best of organisation, hard work and dedication. Learn from the challenges from the first two terms of your VCE and resolve to have an even better start to this term.

This term you are going to see even more resources for students, parents and teachers. Stay tuned - more details to be released shortly!

Until then - have a great start to Term 3.

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