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How many school kids do you think are victimized by bullies everyday, worldwide? 1 million? 2 million? According to the Kandersteg Declaration Against Bullying, there are over 200 million school children who are deliberately abused everyday across the globe.

Common sense tells us that if schools are successfully managing bullying in the school yard, these poor children shouldn’t be another statistic, on another research study.

Take for instance, Casey Heynes aka ‘The Bully Destroyer.’ He submitted not 1, not 2, but 60 written complaints to the principal of the harassment he has experienced. Yet last month, together we watched in horror as he was repeated punched in the head online.

It clearly states in the Vic Department of Education website - ‘schools have a duty of care to take reasonable measures to prevent foreseeable risks of injury to their students’ What duty of care? How can 60 complaints not be enough to tell someone that this poor kid is crying out for help!

There are serious repercussions if bullying incidents are left in the dark and neglected. According to the Vic Coroner’s Report 2007, bullying influences over 40% of suicides. These are only children who could be our sisters, our brothers, our niece, our nephews. Casey revealed that he has contemplated suicide before and he’s only 16 and has still so much to live for.

The Vic Minister of Edu has responded by allocating $12.2 mil to employ extra welfare co-ords. But why do figure show an 80% increase in bully-related phone calls to Kid’s Help Line? Please explain miss ‘know it all.’ What we need is prevention of these incidents, meaning that the money should be funded towards bully awareness programs at school.

I understand what it’s like in the shoes of teachers and a portion of school bullying may be due to bad parenting. Believe it or not, there are parents out there who do not discipline their kid at all.

I work at a holiday care centre and I run sport clinics all day. And if I get 50c for every bullying incident I had to report, I would be on a cruise somewhere in the middle of the Caribbean swimming in a gold plated pool. And after sitting down for 10min discussing with parents that Little Johnny has been kicking other kids in the head and swearing, the parent would simply say oh, Johnny you’ve been naughty today! And walk off. This happens ALL THE TIME! But bad parenting cannot excuse the way schools manage bullying

Bullying is not a black and white issue, but at the end of the day, what really counts is how our proactive our schools are in dealing with B. In a survey conducted by the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, only 15% of students believed that teachers can protect them.

It’s time for the educational department to wake up from la-la land. It’s time for them to fix their slack anti-bullying policies. Please don’t let those 200 million victims of school bullying down. Thank you for listening

Good riddance VCE is over! My name is Daphane Ng, and I finished VCE in 2011! I studied English, Japanese SL, Psychology, Chemistry (yuk!), Biology and Methods. I'm hoping to do a Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne and later do a DipEd to become a science teacher in the future. I hope my resources help you achieve the ATAR you deserve. Best of luck!

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