Need VCE help? So do I!

Hi all,

Hopefully the page title grabbed your attention because I have a favour to ask. Within the next 4 weeks my wife and I are expecting our first child which is very exciting indeed. What it also means is that my time will be even more limited than what it has been up until now as I take to fatherly duties and work to support my newly expanded family. So how does this affect you? Good question...

I can't contribute to this website on my own - I NEED your help.

Those notes that you used to prepare for your last SAC - We need them!

The revision notes you used to prepare for your mid year exams - We want them!

The list of quotations and notes from your English text - We absolutely must share them!

In essence - any good notes and resources that you have produced would be worthy of being placed up here on the website. In the past month we have had almost 40,000 visits from students, teachers and parents. If just 1% of visitors gave back to the site we would have enough content to write a post every day of the year. Would that help out a few VCE students do you think? Wink

Sports coaches often talk about the 1%ers - doing the small things that can make a big difference to a team. Your contribution to the VCE help website (no matter how big or small) WILL make a different to everyone here (including me!). It is too easy to think that someone else will contribute, that someone else will make the effort.

Don't leave it up to someone else - become a part of the VCE help community today.

No doubt you have all received some tips, advice, a resource or essay that has helped you with your VCE. It won't take long to help out at all - probably 3-5 minutes to find and send something through.

Please email your resources through to or going to our contact us page.

Looking forward to seeing you help out your fellow VCE students at VCE help.



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