How to stop your children becoming a roadside statistic

This is one of the most challenging times of year for VCE students - not only do students have to start winding up Unit 4 in preparation for their VCE exams, but they also have a number of distractions including turning 18, getting their license and attaining freedom and independance.

Unfortunately it is also a time when tragically young adults can lose their life either behind the wheel or being a passenger in a car accident. 1,496 People Dead In The Last 12 Months and Counting.... How Can You Stop Your Child Becoming Tomorrow’s Victim?

Each and every year I see our Yr 12 students get their license and worry that someone is going to do something silly. You only need to see the latest series of "everybody hurts" TAC ads to show you the devasting flow on effects to family and friends...and this is something you as a parent can never escape.

Teenagers learn from their role models and learn their driving habits from you. Chances are if you are teaching your children to drive then you may be teaching them some bad habits which could actually lead to them having an accident!

Let’s Face The Facts, Key Risk For Teen Drivers:

Driver Error: Compared with crashes of older drivers, of those involving 17 year olds were the result of driver error
Speeding: Teens drivers have a higher rate of crashes in which excessive speed is a factor
Single Vehicle Crashes: More of Teen fatal crashes involve only the teen’s vehicle. Typically these are high speed crashes in which the driver lost control
Passengers: Teens fatal crashes are more likely to occur when other teenagers are in the car. The risk increases with every additional passenger
Night Driving: This is a high risk activity for beginners. Per every kilometre driven, the night time fatal crash rate for teens is about twice as high as during the day
Low Seat Belt Use: Teenagers are less likely the adults to use seat belts
Distractive Driving: Such things as, Mobile Phones, iPods, Blackberry’s and even changing a CD.
Recently I found out about a unique driving program that has been created by a NSW highway patrol policeman, who was sick and tired of witnessing and reporting hundreds of roadside fatalities, and wanted to do something about it. He has designed a driver education program to help parents and their teenagers to not become another roadside statistic. I highly recommend all parents of VCE teenagers check out this driver education program.

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