Exercising your right for peak performance

Have you chosen to be the best you can be in your life? Do you want to be healthy? If so, where does exercise fit into your health regime? Unless you have spent the last 50 years locked away from the world, you would undoubtedly agree that exercise is beneficial for health.

So why is it that so many people, knowing that exercise is good for them, still fail to exercise regularly? There are many reasons that are given such as laziness, not enough time, or waiting for that magic day “someday” to arrive which will fill them with the motivation to begin exercising. However, the number one reason people fail to exercise regularly is that they have not chosen, and committed to, becoming as healthy as they can be. Think about, when was the last time you committed to doing something? Really committed! What could stop you from achieving your goal? The answer of course, short of death, is nothing! Think about the healthiest people you know! Now try to imagine how they think about exercise! Put yourself in their shoes, mentally, for a moment! How would you think about exercise if you were the healthiest person you knew? What sort of priority would you place on exercise? So now that you know how to think to make exercise a part of your life, make the decision to begin, or recommit to continue, exercising for the rest of a healthy lifetime.

What would you like to be able to do physically in 5 years, 10 years even 100 years from now? What will you need to do NOW, in order to be able to achieve these goals? Conversely, how would you feel if your body, or your mind for that matter, broke down through lack of regular exercise, before you fulfilled your life goals?

A word of warning though! If you have any doubts about how to exercise safely and effectively, consult a qualified professional, before you begin any exercise program. I suggest you start by thinking of a small step that you can take within the next 24 hours and a big action that you are going to start within the next 7 days.

For example a small action might be to buy a new pair of running shoes, or to write out where you intend to schedule your exercise in your weekly planner. A big action might be to visit a chiropractor to get a subluxation examination to ensure your body is ready for exercise, or hire a personal trainer or a coach to help you become the best you can be. What are your little steps and big action going to be? Write them down now, and commit to getting them done! Get exercising and enjoy the many health benefits exercise can provide.

Yours in Better Health

Dr Matt

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