Depression in young people - what are the signs and what you can do

I was sent a link yesterday to a brand new website resource for helping young adults with depression and anxiety called Youth Beyond Blue . It has been developed by the good people at Beyond Blue to help adults and young adults deal identify the signs of depression and anxiety and help them get the help they really need.

According to the website:

  • Depression doesn’t just cause young people to feel sad or down, and anxiety doesn’t just make people worry. Teenagers can express depression and anxiety in many different ways. They may:
  • have trouble falling or staying asleep, or complain of restless, unsatisfying sleep
  • be tired, grumpy, irritable, tearful or upset most of the time
  • feel restless, keyed-up or on edge
  • lose interest in things they used to enjoy, and have trouble starting and completing assignments or work
  • be forgetful, lose concentration and be easily distracted
  • become withdrawn and lose friends
  • either refuse to eat or eat a lot, and either lose or gain weight quickly
  • have tense or sore muscles
  • complain of feeling physically awful, with unexplained aches and pains, and not want to go to school.
  • So if you know of anyone who is exhibiting some of these signs and symptoms head to Youth Beyond Blue to get the help you need.

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