Creating VCE study cards on your iPod

Creating VCE study cards on your iPod or Mp3 player is eaaaaaaaaaasy. There are some companies out there who will charge you for subject specific and topic study cards, and whilst many of them are of a good standard you will learn best by creating your own. As always there are some pros and cons of using your iPod to review study cards.


Too much content is hard to read so try to stick to a 100 word limit per slide
Space used up on your iPod or Mp3 player (not significant at all - the equivalent of losing 1 song on your iPod)
Need to have Microsoft powerpoint or equivalent
May need to create/summarise content if teacher cannot provide
Obviously will need an iPod or photo enabled mobile phone/mp3 player

Can hopefully get powerpoints from conscientious, organised and tech savvy teachers. This is the longest part of the process.
A highly visual way to study and learn provided you mostly include images, graphs, basic mind map, tables etc
Create and share with other members of your study group for best results
Fast creation and uploading makes it a handy and convenient way to maximise travel time and down time
You can test and assess what you know and can remember by having questions and then answers on the following slide
How to do it?

Create your own powerpoint presentation or equivalent or get access from a teacher
Make a visual, dot point summary slide for each concept or idea making sure you save the powerpoint after each slide.
When you have finished the presentation go to SAVE AS and change the file type to Jpeg images. It will ask where to save (save to a folder in my pictures).
You will need to modify each individual jpg file name from Slide1 to 1, 2, 3 etc

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