Citizen Kane VCE English resources

I have slowly been collating a list of VCE resources for Citizen Kane and found the following websites. Hope they help...

Spark Notes on Citizen Kane, character information, analysis, themes, motifs and symbols, as well as important quotations explained.

A number of sample essays on the film citizen kane.

The official Wiki of the Citizen Kane film - very extensive information about the film.

Wiki Quote has a series of Citizen Kane quotations organised according to the character - very interesting and useful for essays.

This website has a very detailed review of Citizen Kane but the interesting focus is on the thematic elements of the film.

The complete Citizen Kane screenplay - as written by Herman J. Mankiewicz and Orson Welles.

This rotten tomatoes website contains detailed reviews about Citizen Kane from top critics and audiences around the world.

Bright Lights Film Journal Citizen Kane An article that introduces different perspectives on the film and discusses some critical analysis of key themes and ideas. This website that lists the major books and articles on the film, and concludes with an academic critique of some different perspectives on the film and its themes.

An essay on Citizen Kane that examines a variety of perspectives on the film and looks in detail at specific scenes.

Please let me know if you know of any other resources for Citizen Kane.

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