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Memory loss can happen to anyone of any age including VCE students. Life is busy and when we have so much on our minds including our VCE studies, some information might slip between the cracks, leaving us frustrated that we aren't as clear-minded as we once were. It can be something as simple as forgetting where we last put our mobile phone or wallet or even when a friend's birthday is.

If it happens occasionally we may overlook it as just having too much on our minds and therefore it becomes harder to retain all the information we need to. However if it's an ongoing problem it is something we need to address and there may be a number of factors that will influence our memory including our quality of health, our levels of sleep, the amount of exercise we do, our level of interest in the activity and certainly our use of memory techniques.

There are solutions to the problem of memory loss. Depending on the seriousness of the problem, the remedies can range from exercises to enhance your memory and even to natural supplements that help clear the mind.

Another approach that works for many people is to use aids in helping them remember important dates or events. Having a method of keeping track of things that involves writing them down when they are fresh in the mind guarantees that you won't forget them, because you can refer back to them.

It also serves another purpose, often when we write things down we can visualize the note later...and this is why the use of Mind Maps can be powerful memory study tools in your VCE. Our mind will pull it back up and before we even refer to the notebook or day planner, we have recalled the name, date or event. Some VCE students have found it helpful to repeat things out loud. This works to reinforce the information and implant it into the memory if you are more of an auditory learner.

This seems to work especially well for subjects that require a large emphasis on language skills including VCE english, VCE english language, LOTE subjects and others. Forgetting information is an issue that everone will face however by taking a few small steps to improving your health, reducing the amount of stress you face in school and applying new memory techniques consistently you will see a marked improvement in your ability to learn and remember information for your VCE studies.

Exercising the mind is much like exercising any muscle within your body. If it's not stimulated our memory won't work to the best of our abilities.

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