Best of VCE help for April 2009

Hi all, I have been super busy of late with the VCE Expo and school work. The VCE psychology podcast is being uploaded as we speak and will be ready later on this evening. More people than ever before are joining the VCE help blog and I invite you to contribute. Just in case you blinked - here is what happened in April 2009.

Romulus, My Father by Raimond Gaita study notes I have listed some websites that contain resources to help you learn and summarize about the content of Romulus, My Father.

Another website which has link to the influence of the Landscape and Sensibility on the Writing of Romulus, My Father.

VCE Expo Reminder and Roadmap to VCE Exam Success This is one of the "must do" things or your VCE where you can get great career advice, vce resources, listen to seminars and more. In fact there are a couple of presentations that you should pencil in to attend...

The 7 deadly mistakes student's make and how to avoid them is on again in seminar room 4. On Friday @ 10.15am, Sat @ 2.15pm and Sun @ 11am.

Analysing Topics and Planning Your Essay The writing process always starts with examining a topic. Read it twice. 'Boil it down' into its essential meaning. Understanding what the topic means ensures that you provide relevant ideas in your writing.

Why should you plan? After all, planning takes a few minutes. Beginners may take up to eight to ten minutes sorting out their plan (though it soon drops to two or three minutes with practice).

Strategies for an effective oral presentation One of the most important and obvious aspect being having a good knowledge about the topic of presentation so topic selection is crucial, if you have the option. If you do, pick a topic area that you are interested in, or particularly passionate about, as this will come through in the presentation.

Finally probe the audience for questions and feedback and be direct when responded to their questions. If you're not sure the answer to their question, say so, but then provide what you believe would be the appropriate answer based on your knowledge of the area.

Avoid that thief of time - procrastination by Jeanne Calitz

Everybody procrastinates in some way - the work assignment we leave for later, the visit to the gymnasium we put off in favour of an exciting TV programme, the dishes we leave in the sink to go out and have a drink with some friends.

The problem is that procrastination can become a habit, and one that can seriously influence our productivity - and good standing - at work.

Energy systems tradeoff - power vs yield Energy systems is the topic most VCE PE students have difficulty wrapping their head around. Here is a small table and description that should help you understand and compare the differences between the energy systems.

Anytime there is a shortfall of energy (that can't be made up by the aerobic energy system) our body must rely on the Anaerobic energy system(s) to make up the shortfall (ATP CP used only if the fuel Creatine Phosphate is still available)

Controlling and regulating biochemical pathways

Enzymes- a specific protein that acts as a catalyst to increase that rate of a particular chemical reaction in living organisms - enzymes are protein catalysts

- They increase that rate of reactions between substrates without being consumed in the reactions

- They reduce the amount of energy required to begin the reactions they catalyze - Without enzymes, metabolism would be so slow at body temp that insufficient energy would be available to maintain life.

Citizen Kane VCE English resources I have slowly been collating a list of VCE resources for

Citizen Kane and found the following websites. Hope they help...Spark Notes on Citizen Kane, character information, analysis, themes, motifs and symbols, as well as important quotations explained.

An essay on Citizen Kane that examines a variety of perspectives on the film and looks in detail at specific scenes.

VCE Chemistry websites Below are a series of VCE chemistry websites that may assist your research and collate VCE chemistry notes. Always make sure you check off the content on the websites with a copy of the study design.

This site has a series of flash animations for chemistry which are useful when remembering the periodic table. More readily understood information is on the topics of Alkanes, Elements, atomic structure, ions, pH, bonding and more.

Become a guest contributor at VCE help If you have summary notes, an A or A+ essay, powerpoint notes, even a podcast etc, that you would be willing to share please do so by emailing it through to or going to our contact us page.

Looking forward to seeing you help out your fellow VCE students at VCE help.

Year Of The Blood Donor As it is Good Friday and most of us are enjoying a couple of days off with the family but it is also a time to be reminded of our responsibilities both socially and morally.

Today obviously is the day for the Good Friday appeal and a very important fundraising effort but I also wanted to remind you about something we know we all should do but very few actually blood.

VCE Psychology podcast - questions please. As the VCE Biology podcast has been delayed somewhat I decided to go ahead with the next podcast interview topic which will be on VCE psychology with Kate Lefel of Access Education and recorded next Thursday 16th of April 2009.

After the interview I will edit the audio content and upload to the website ready for the VCE help community. The more questions you can ask, the more quality information we can collectively help you out with.

VCE and careers expoThe 2009 VCE and Careers expo is a fantastic opportunity for VCE students, parents and teachers to find the VCE resources they need for VCE success and beyond.

Students and visitors will be able to attend free lectures, pick up resources from VCE organisations and talk to a myriad of people about careers and post-school options.

Best of March 2009 Busy, busy, busy but still productive! I still have a few more people lined up to contribute more content than ever before so stay tuned.

Just in case you missed it - here is what happened in March 2009.

Holiday homework - you're kidding aren't you We finally made it - holidays are upon us and we are free (at least for a little while anyway).

The notion of doing (or even receiving) holiday homework is particularly new for most Year 11 students and probably for some Year 12 students. I've heard the VCE holidays being called "study vacations", "school holiday", "study break" etc...but how do you go about actually tackling it and completing it with the minimum of fuss and stress.

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