Best of May 2009

May has gone and June has arrived...still many interesting articles and authors are in queue. Just is case you have missed the month of May articles - these snippets are for you.

The GAT - is it really a waste of time? - Here is what the GAT is, what it does, and why it is important for you to do your best...

A 3 hour general achievement test, that examines your skills and knowledge in written communication, maths and sciences as well as the humanities areas. The exam contains 70 multiple choice questions (2 hours approx) plus 2 written tasks (about 30 mins each). It is important to do as best as you can because it can act like an "insurance policy" for you and your VCE exam performance.

VCE Mid Year Exam Front Covers

The following examination materials are provided to assist students who are preparing to sit VCE written examinations in June 2009 including the GAT.

The materials include the front cover, relevant instructions and multiple-choice answer sheet (where applicable) for each examination.

All materials relevant to a particular study are provided in a single downloadable PDF document. Any enquiries about these materials should be directed to the VCE Examinations Unit on 9225 2349

Unit 3 VCE trial exam samples from Insight

The good folk at Insight Publications have recently released a brand new series of VCE trial exams in time for the 2009 Unit 3 VCE mid-year exams.

VCE Accounting Trial exam sample

VCE Biology Trial exam sample

VCE Chemistry Trial exam sample

VCE Physics Trial exam sample

VCE Psychology Trial exam sample

Fly Away Peter VCE English study guide-David Maulof's Fly Away Peter is one of the VCE English texts for this year. I have listed some websites that contain resources to help you learn and summarise about the content of Fly Away Peter.

These websites contain plot summary, analytical component, themes, facts and author information.

The Crucible study guide

Arthur Miller's The Crucible is one of the VCE English texts for this year. See below for some websites that will help you develop your summary notes and understanding.

Summary, study guide and literature essay, themes, motifs and symbol and biographical information of the author are given in these websites.

The Secret River VCE English resources

I have listed some websites that contain resources to help you learn and summarize about the content of The Secret River.

An excellent website which contains Synopsis and reviews. The reviews are done by experts like Library Journal and Booklist etc. Moreover, it provides the product details of the novel including the subject and other basic details.

A Man For All Seasons VCE English resources

Robert Bolt's A Man for All Seasons is one of the chosen VCE English texts for this year. I have listed some websites that contain resources to help you learn and summarize this content.

These websites lists detailed study boost, summary and analysis, play plot, and reviews.

How to breakthrough VCE stress

Stress is a word that means different things to different people. The word stress is commonly used as a vague, all encompassing negative mental state. However, to be clear there are actually two different forms of stress. Eustress represents the required stimulus humans need for constructive growth and development physically, mentally, and emotionally.

This article provides a detailed structure of action plan and tips to reduce the stress.

VCE Biology Unit 3 podcast

The Unit 3 VCE Biology podcast with Andrew Douch is finally here.

1. Some of the common areas students have difficulty with 2. Some strategies about exam preparation and exam technique 3. Strategies to learn some of the key concepts in Unit 3 such as Cellular Respiration, Proteins and the Calvin cycle etc. 4. and much more

Countdown to VCE Mid Year Exams

Sometimes we all need a quick refresher to remind us that exams are coming up quickly and now with our Countdown to VCE Exams you can do that quickly and easily...look for the countdown timer under the VCE help articles column.

VCE Unit 3 Psychology podcast

The Unit 3 VCE Psychology podcast with Kate Lefel from Access Education is finally here (very sorry for the long delay due to the VCE expo and illness). In the podcast below you can hear Kate talk about:

This is about 35 minutes long so either download it to listen on your iPod later or grab a drink, pen and paper as you listen via streaming audio on the web.

Best of VCE help for April 2009

Hi all, I have been super busy of late with the VCE Expo and school work. The VCE psychology podcast is being uploaded as we speak and will be ready later on this evening. More people than ever before are joining the VCE help blog and I invite you to contribute. Just in case you blinked - here is what happened in April 2009.

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