Best of January 2009

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Starting in 2009 the VCE help website will, each month, create a summary post containing all of our best posts. This month was a little bit light on because of the holidays...we all deserve a break don't we!

Here they are, in no particular order.

New VCE year and a new opportunity As we speak we are saying goodbye to 2008 and welcoming the arrival of VCE 2009. Usually New Years Eve/Day is a time where people have resolutions on how this year will be different than the previous year. But did you know that 95% of people who set New Years Resolutions don’t follow through. By choosing New Years Day they are using an artificial stimulus to create change. That is, by using the calendar as their driving mechanism for change they are using an external motivating factor. There is no magical force in the universe that arrives on January 1st every year which helps people create amazing changes in their lives...
The 8 Essential Steps To Prepare For VCE. I’ve had many emails and questions from students asking the question ” how do I prepare for my VCE? ” so I decided to create a 16 minute video on the topic...
2009 Tertiary Offers - what’s next. It was a flurry of activity. Newspapers selling like iced water on a 40 degree day, gasps from anxious parents, shrieks and tears (from the ecstatic and the disappointed)…it can only mean one thing Tertiary Offers are out. Finally the VCE graduates from 2008 are rewarded with the fruits of their labour as move towards further study and (finally) a life beyond the VCE...
What are your questions about the VCE? Let’s face it. The VCE can be confusing, complicated and downright stressful. Subject selection, scaling, rankings, special consideration, sac’s and more - but what does it all mean and more importantly how does it effect you. Heard a rumour about the VCE system - why don’t you ask whether it is true here!
Timely advice on achieving VCE goals With VCE students about to go back to school it is an appropriate time for VCE students to examine (or re-examine) their goals not just for their VCE but for this year (the VCE is an important year there is no doubt, but it doesn’t mean that it should be the only thing).With goal setting it is vital to remember this one almighty and all encompassing principle…“If the ‘why to’ is big enough ‘the how’ to will look after itself”
A technical glitch and a great fundraiser on Australia Day
Hi all, Just a slight technical glitch as I make some changes on the VCE help website this bright and sunny Australia day. If you want to join our Enter Life newsletter or receive the 7 deadly mistakes course you’ll just need to be patient for a little while. It all should back up and running before dinner (not that you probably feel like dinner after the Australia Day BBQ). Update - everything is back up online and working. Get your membership to the ENTER-Life ezine and also receive the “7 deadly mistakes students make and how to avoid them” report and podcast.By the way - I just heard of a great fundraising effort this Australia Day. It’s called Snags For Change and it helps to raise money for World Vision....

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