Best of February 2009

It has been a little quiet on the VCE help front this month. Rest assured March is going to go off! I have a few more people lined up to contribute more content than ever before so stay tuned. Just in case you missed it - here is what happened in Feb 2009.

Balancing priorities in the VCE - I received an email from “Joseph” who is a concerned, yet conscientious student the other day regarding the perennial dilemma of how to balance priorities in the VCE.

His email read like this:

"My question, or statement not sure is:- I’m having difficulties spreading my time out for VCE. I’m in year 12 this year doing methods, eng, bio, politics and history (my fav). I’m been working part time at a store for a couple of months now and this takes 12 hours off my week tues, fri and the other day sometimes changes usually mon or sat, 4 hours a shift. Whilst this job is not a priority against my VCE i feel I’ll need ..."

Proud to be an aussie

The past week has been an extraordinary one. They say that during dark times a persons character is revealed and I believe that this past week we have seen the most unbelievable support and unification of Australians as we stand together to support those affected by the Victorian bushfires.

I, like many people, have been affected personally by the fires. There is one friend of mine who lived in Kinglake West who I cannot contact despite my best efforts and the assistance of the Red Cross. I can only hope and pray for his safety and for the safety of his family.

Update: I am very pleased to report that Dale Platek and his family are safe. You may remember that Dale recorded some podcasts for our listeners on the VCE help website While I haven’t spoken to him directly (I spoke with his daughter) they are OK.

At times like these we can wonder whether our efforts can actually make a difference. Of course it can…and the following story is often used to remind us that we can. ...

Cruzin VCE seminars in March

The Cruzin’ VCE seminars are back on again in 2009. This fantastic initiative will start again with seminars being run at the Box Hill Library on March 28th 2009 for study skill and subject specific help.

Cruzin’ VCE is a series of high quality, informative and highly affordable seminar programs (only $ 20 - total) that are run to help give you the practical skills and information to ace your VCE sacs and exams.

VCE Physics Unit 3 Podcast

The Unit 3 VCE Physics podcast with the highly experienced VCE physics teacher and Access Education lecturer, Steve Treadwell, is now available. In the podcast below you can hear Steve talk about:

1. The changes to the VCE Physics curriculum 2. Motion, uniform and non-uniform circular motion 3. How to make the most out of pracs and prac classes 4. Common Unit 3 sac and exam mistakes students are making and how to avoid them 5. Use of scientific calculators, formula sheets etc 6. Strategies to tackle the Unit 3 VCE physics exam and more.

Website resource updates:

VCE physical education websites

Hard Times by Charles Dickens VCE resources

The Kite Runner VCE english help

Stay tuned for even more updates and content in March 2009

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