Before you burn or bin your VCE notes...

I know many of you are almost at the stage of completing your exams. If you have finished CONGRATULATIONS, if not, hang in there, there is not long to go.

As you know, the VCE Help community exists to support you, your friends and family through the tumultuous and challenging VCE. One of the main reasons this website was created was to help level the playing field in the VCE. That no matter your school, geographic location, access to resources or otherwise you could get some help to get you through.

If you have felt that this website and the resources within it have been of benefit can I ask you to consider one of 3 things.

1. Please write a comment below how we have been of help (it would be much appreciated)

2. Consider sharing your VCE notes with future VCE students.

3. Make a small donation and help keep this website free for future students.

Please don't underestimate how important your contribution is. Your help, no matter how small, can and does make a significant difference to others.

Thanks for your support.


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