...and VCE 2010 is away

Vce has started and you are taking the first great steps towards achieving your vce goals. It is an exciting and equally daunting time for students, parents and teachers but the information overload really hurts...Particularly when you are coming off of a 6-8 week holiday! Smile

So, without wanting to add to your workload, I just wanted to quickly point out a couple of useful resources to help you get off to the best possible start to your vce.

1. I found this age article the other day which helps to dispel some of the myths and misnomers about the vce, including scaling and enter scores. Definitely worth the read:


Also check out the vcaa website with links to further information about the enter score, scaling and study scores. Http://www.Vcaa.Vic.Edu.Au/faqs/vcecurrentstudents.Html
2. New study planners and calendars can be downloaded under the vce resources section of the website.

3. Timely advice on achieving your vce goals - a useful article that was written last year to help you get off to a great start to your vce.

4. 7 essential steps to prepare for vce - video resource and strategies on how to prepare for your vce. Obviously is most beneficial during the summer school holidays but there is still some useful resources and information nonetheless.

5. Lastly, ensure that you keep up to date with all the resources being added to the website twice weekly. Either become a fan on facebook or subscribe to receive updates by email.

Make your first step into vce a bold one.

Until next time,


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