6 VCE resources you need to get from the VCAA website

Hi all,

With the Unit 3 exams and the GAT around the corner I thought it would be timely to remind you all of some key resources that you can find on the VCAA website to help you with your VCE exam preparation.

1. VCAA exam timetable - kidding...of course you can find when the exam is on here with the timetable.

2. VCE exams navigator - you should have received a hard copy of this from school but it is a very detailed document which outlines everything from examination hall rules, to equipment you can bring in, etc, etc. Very important and very useful...

3. Copy of last years GAT (found here) -I have written about the GAT and the importance about it previously but it is in your best interests to know what it is, how it is assessed and more importantly, take it seriously.

4. VCE Exam front covers - these are published on the VCAA website so you can learn more about the number of marks allocated, the materials you can bring in etc, etc. The usual disclaimer exists where the VCAA reserves the right to change the number of marks, pages etc, etc but it gives you a pretty reliable indicator that you can use to help your preparation.

5. Past VCE exams - Past exams are a fantastic way to learn about the content amd how it has been assessed previously. Whilst many commercial providers sell trial exams you can get access to some wonderful questions for free here... a word of warning though...make sure if there has been a change in study design that you take this into consideration as not all questions in previous exams will be relevant in a new study design.

6. VCE Examiners reports - Here you can learn from previous students and find out how students performed on questions and what was required to get full marks. You can learn about areas that students struggled with and note that any area that students have notoriously struggled with can (and sometimes does) get re-assessed the following year.

Good luck with all your VCE exam preparations.

Cheers, Heath

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