2 weeks until final VCE exams

Do you want to live your life too scared to take action or do you want to...take life by the horns and ride it for all it's worth !!! I know which I would rather do!

In the next couple of weeks you will face many challenges and distractions that could literally change your destiny.

Stay focussed.

Don't drop the ball and most of all don't let ANYTHING or ANYONE get in the way of achieving your dreams. I know some students who are the biggest hurdles to their own success. read that correctly. THEY create the hurdles either consciously or subconsciously and these prevent them achieving their best VCE results.

You see some students have a 'fear of failure' that motivates them to keep working hard but others have a 'fear of success', or trying to be successful. This condition is known as self-sabotage and unfortunately many students have got their study set to cruise control.


These students are actually thinking...'What if I try really hard and still fail' or 'My best won't give me the results I need'

So what do they do? You guessed it. They don't even try or worse still give a token effort knowing full well that they are too scared to 'have a crack' and achieve a personal best result.

There is still time to make a massive difference to your grades - to find out how long there is until the exams use the VCE exam countdown.

What is most important over the next 2 weeks is that you give your best, no holds barred, effort. That means being super organised, well rested, focussed and studious.

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Keep focussed on your goals and work hard to achieve them because hard work ALWAYS pays off in the end. Until next time - make it happen.



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