10 Essential Questions To Ask Your Vce Tutor


Here are the 10 essential questions you should ask your vce tutor before you begin tutoring to avoid wasting valuable money. You should always interview each tutor either over the phone or personally before services begin with the following list of 10 questions to gauge the suitability of the tutor for your son or daughter.

1. What are your qualifications to teach this subject? Aim for at least a university degree in the chosen subject and a teaching degree over a vce student who has scored well in the subject. If they are a former student ask them for a copy of their results to prove their expertise.

2. What experience do you have in teaching this subject? The best of course is a current vce teacher (and current assessor of vce exams) as they will be able to stay up to date with the most current practices and exam mistakes.

3. What is your pricing structure? (expect to pay more money with greater qualifications/teaching experience/assessor or examiner experience. The price will range from $ 20-$150/hr)

4. What incentives do you have for multiple session bookings? (multiple sessions may equate to a discount as the tutor has the security of knowing they will have regular contact.)

5. Will you switch off your mobile phone during tutor appointments? (you’d be surprised how many will even answer it during your tutor session and waste your money!)

6. Do you have a guarantee of improved performance using your services? (most won't - larger scale organisations may provide some sort of guarantee).

7. Do you have a list of testimonials or referrals for satisfied customers that I can see for myself? (proof from satisfied and successful students is important to establish credibility).

8. Do you have any formalized testing to examine strengths and weaknesses in that subject? (this is more likely to occur from the formalised tutor centres as opposed to a single "Freelance" tutor)

9. Do you give regular reports on student development? (again - this is more likely to occur from formalised tutor centres.)

10. Where are you based or travelling from? (often the tutor will factor in travel time to your costs. If the tutor is too far away ask if they know of anyone who lives locally within your area that they can recommend.)

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