The annual design exhibition of works from former vce and vet students is now on at the melbourne museum and will run until 26th june 2011.

According to the melbourne museum website:

The exhibition not only features the final product, but also its development – see the students' folios, work briefs, production plans, client feedback and evaluation, storyboards, scripts and design plans.
Top designs 2011 includes furniture, fashion, graphic and product design, film, print layout, photography, animation, food product planning, websites and mechanical and electronic projects so if you are studying vce or vet media or arts check out this wonderful exhibition of exemplary student work.

Top arts vce 2009 is a major event that brings together the outstanding work from vce graduates who completed art and studio arts in the vce.

According to the ngav:

Top arts vce 2009 is a collaborative project between the national gallery of victoria, the department of education & training, the victorian curriculum and assessment authority, the catholic education office, and the association of independent schools of victoria. Once again this year’s major sponsor goldman sachs jb were will be providing the popular “people’s choice award”.
Top arts vce 2009 is a major component of the vce season of excellence 2010, a festival celebrating work completed by vce students in t...

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Well...How was it? How was the studio arts exam?

What did you think of the paper? What was hard? What was easy? How do you think you went?

Let everyone know your thoughts and comments below (please keep them clean!)…cheers

Having such a broad and free subject it was hard for me to stay on track as I would have to set my own agenda for the upcoming lessons and weeks. In studio arts, everything must be planned out so that you do not run out of time.

Do not be afraid if it takes you a month to decide on a theme for your folio, as research will only enhance your final outcome. The more research you do, the more detailed your books will be and this component of the course will be met with ease. Easy marks are gained from researching images and artists and sticking images of influences into your visual diaries. Your visual diaries do not have to be elaborately presented to achieve a good mark. As long as all the nece...

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