Watching and reading about the up and coming Olympic Games is a highly relevant and enjoyable way to apply your understanding to the VCE Physical Education coursework. Let's face facts though... it can also make for a great excuse to avoid study. Smile For some great tips on how to stop the Olympics from completing overrunning your VCE study and life in general check out these tips.

When watching or reading about the Olympics try to watch some of the lesser known sports (if they get coverage) and try to analyse what energy systems are being used and why? An emerging trend over the last few exams has been to ask questions on lesser known sports which forces students to not only carefully analy...

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How was the VCE PE exam? What was hard or difficult? Interested to hear your thoughts and please keep it clean. Comment and share with friends below.

National Physical Activity Guidelines and methods of assessing physical activity

Children’s leisure activities report (Centre for Physical Activity and Nutrition Research – Deakin University):

Australian Sports Commission:

VicHealth (The Victorian Health Promotion Foundation):

Physical Activity Resources for Health Professionals – Introduction (Centre for disease control and prevention (USA):

Strategic Inter-Governmental Forum on Physical Activity and Health (SIGPAH):


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Sorry for the delay in getting this was the VCE PE exam? What was hard or difficult? Interested to hear your thoughts and please keep it clean. Comment and share with friends below.


Energy systems is the topic most VCE PE students have difficulty wrapping their head around. Here is a small table and description that should help you understand and compare the differences between the energy systems.

It is important that we understand that each energy system has advantages and disadvantages and hence why they are all being used during the energy system interplay. (Definition alert: Energy system interplay simply refers to the energy systems working together, but at different rates, to supply the ATP required for an activity).

When you look at the table above you will notice that there is a trade-off between Power and Yield for each of the energy systems. As power increases ...

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Hi all, have finished the VCE PE exam for 2009. What did you think of the paper? What was hard? What was easy? How do you think you went? Let me know your thoughts and comments below (please keep them clean!)…cheers

This page takes you to the VCAA site. It will have the assessment guide, links to past exams, exam criteria, assessor reports, articles and other useful items. This should be your first point of reference for all information relating to this subject.

Gatorade Sports Science Institute

Some high quality information relating mainly to fatigue and recovery, role of food in movement (Unit 3). The context of the information may be more detailed than required.

Australian Sports Commission

Resource links to journals, articles, books, media footage and other resources. A huge range of resources many of which are relevant to Unit 3 & 4 in ...

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